Molise is located on the adriatic coast and its territory ranges from the mountains, where in the winter you can also ski, to the sea where you can relax walking on nearly 40 km of coastline. The sea of Molise receives every year the “ Bandiera Blu “ – “ Blue Flag “ ( an eco-label awarded to seaside resorts for the high quality of clean sea water ).

Molise is not a very populated region. It counts barely 300.000 inhabitants. There are few places that exceed 5.000 inhabitants. Molise is a region where time seems to stand still. There are many testimonies that tell about a rich historical past. 

The first inhabitants of this beautiful place were the Samnites who left an important historical and cultural heritage. There were a people of shepherds that emigrated through the “Tratturi“ – “sheep tracks“ towards Apulia and the Apennines to let graze their livestock. Actually, along the “Tratturi“ some historical artifacts have been found that testify their path of migration.

The Samnites have not been the only ones to populate this beautiful region. It is evident from the numerous artifacts from the Roman times as for example the ancient city of Altilia-Sepino. In Molise you will find the authenticity, the friendly and warm welcome from another time.